Monday, November 01, 2004

Went To Padre Island Thursday...

It was fun. Its always neat to go see Ryan's new places when he gets a new "home" for work. This was a condo on the beach pretty nice. I love going down there you wouldn't think the atmosphere would be that much different considering we have beaches here. I think the difference our beaches are on Bays versus the Gulf itself. I just love the smell of the air and the bright sunshine and all the condos lined up on the beaches , the different beach shops. I always feel like I'm on a mini vacation when we visit him.
So the first night we went I had forgotten to pack the kids swim suits so they ran down to the beach in their underwear. Hee Heee it was dark and no one was out. they got a kick out of it. Courtney was hollering "I'm nakey I'm nakey"
I took the kids shopping the next day and I hit Ross. Man I love that store!! They have the best deals. I could go nuts in there. I got some pretty good buys such as a cute pair of Tommy jeans for 19.99 you can't beat that. But decided to leave after the kids started griping and realized we had almost been there for an hour and a half. Whoops :) Then they weren't to happy when I discovered a new store. It's called Shoe Carnival. Oh my goodness why hasn't anyone told me about this store? I was in heaven!! They had wonderful prices on their shoes in there. they had awesome womans Nike's for like 29.00. Unfortunately I couldn't really shop there because the kids were grouchy. But anyhow it was a fun time I want to go back so I can get some Christmas shopping done. UGHHHH it's just around the corner


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