Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Hmmmm isn't it funny...

How your kids never want to take a nap until you tell them to clean their rooms? Then all of a sudden it's I'm to tired mommy! After they were just running the worlds longest marathon around the living room and through the kitchen. Until I said "Go get that messy room of your's cleaned up" Then they start doing the Zombie walk with their legs spread out, arms flopping all over the place, walking slow stomping back and fourth. With this horrible whine just screeching from there little mouths.

Yes mom I know your reading this having a good laugh. So here is your apology, I am very sorry for all the fun times you had trying to make me clean up my room.

Below you will see what I mean. They would actually prefer to just fall asleep in the junk I threw on the bed than actually clean it up.


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