Tuesday, November 02, 2004


It was a fun Halloween the kids were excited. Of coarse I was runnig all around at the last minute trying to find candy. I swear our St is the busiest in the whole town. Probably just because people have been coming to this neighborhood for halloween for years now. But our St is the main entrance so we really get hit hard. 9 bags of candy is what I ended up buying this year and it didn't even make a dent in the amount of kids that came through here.
So I just took the kids around the block and let them go to a few houses. It was so hot for them in their costumes i really didn't want to do much more than that. But I think they had the most fun just sitting at the house handing out candy with daddy. They got to see alot of their friends and all the diffrent costumes that way. I will say though it annnoys the hell out of me to have older teenagers with no costumes on come a nd trick or treat. I mean im assuming there is no age limit to this. but geeze at least attempt to put on something.
Well anyhow it was a fun night. I was so tired so I put the kids to bed and ate me a candy apple. It was gooooood!!


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