Friday, November 05, 2004

I have had it!!!!

I will not repeat will not..

1. Be made to feel bad that I exercised my right to vote. I am so sorry some may not care for who I voted for. But I voted for what I thought was best for me and my family and what I thought were the best choices for our Country.

2. Be made to feel bad for being a Christian! Since when did the word become such a bad dirty word! It's not and furthermore its my faith and I will ask that you might not have to agree but you respect it.

3. Be bullied and told that I am stupid and the world hates me because of what I stand for. You know I keep hearing these people say well If I was going to vote I would have voted for Kerry. Well you know what if you really cared and you really liked the man then you should have got off your butt and voted. THATS NOT MY PROBLEM!!!!

It is my right to vote and it is my right to vote for whatever reasons I want to. Even if it might not be popular reasons. I don't have to check my Christianity at the door to please other people and I will not do so either.
Everyone has beliefs and opinions otherwise they wouldn't vote. Just because mine might not match yours doesn't make me wrong.

I am not your whipping boy!!!


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