Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Well Last night Gaven had his first football game. He is so little compared to a lot of those kids. Thank goodness it's only flag football. They score ended up being tied. I was worried about him playing because he had just been sick, but he seemed to be o.k. Courtney is still sick :( I didn't let her go to her gymnastics. She didn't seem to mind too much though.
I did however have some mini excitement. A woman was discussing how she had went to her states listings for unclaimed property and saw her husband had some. So I was curious and decided to go check it out and see if there was some off chance I did. Well what do you know I did. It said my name and it said I have 166.oo unclaimed. I was like no way so I read the details and sure enough it was from a paycheck I never picked up back when I was 18 and working at a music store. Whooo hoooo!! So I just had to fill out the form on-line and now wait for my paperwork to come in and fill that out and send it back in. Kind of like winning a mini lottery.
Oh and if your wondering this is legitimate you can find the listings on your state website and mine even had the number to call to the offices in case you need help.

Today was just the same ole same ole. Courtney stayed on the couch most of the day resting and I cleaned house. Oh but Gaven went to church tonight with his little friend that lives on our street. Well it came time for him to be home and he wasn't so I was starting to worry a bit. When I got a phone call from the little girls grandma saying that Gaven had decided he wanted to join the children's choir and sing. So he stayed and did that. I was very proud of him hes such a little stinker.
o.k well it's way past my bed time going to go hit the hay now.


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