Sunday, November 14, 2004

Weekend Review..

Well First before I get into my weekend. I am working on a new site. This might be of intrest to any of you Po'ers out there. Or those of you that post on Forums. It just has collections of Blinkies and emoticons. Also it has a place to list your blog and discuss blogging tools and sites. As well all you coupon lovers come on by I will be listing those to.
The link is
But like I said it's still under construction If you have something you would like to post feel free even if I haven't started on the topic yet. Or if you have any ideas feel free to post them under the chit chat thread.

O.k on to my weekend. Well the cold weather has started. It's a miricle we had to get out our coats and sweaters. I never know how to feel when the cold weather starts. It seems like when you live in Texas when it's hot you pray for the cold and when it's cold you pray for the hot. I really don't mind the cold if it's not rainy and dreary outside. So Friday I took Courtney to the doctor. She just has congestion and a cough. She was just feeling crummy. so was Gaven but he wasn't as bad. He was suppose to have a football game Saturday but I decided not to let him go. I didn't want him out there getting even worse running around in the damp cold weather. Some of our friends drove down from San Antonio. James who our son's middle name is after is leaving for Iraq in about a month. So please keep him in your prayers. I am nervouse about it and just want him to get over there and back safe and soundly. We just went out to eat and did some shopping.
Today was a lazy day. Although Ryan is hollering at me to get the garage clean. He bought some reloading equipment. So now he can actually make his own bullets. I don't exactly know what to think of my garage being turned into a ammunition assembly line. But well what choice do I have hee hee hee. Actually I am happy he has something to do.
Well better be going to bed. Monday has already been here for an hour and 30 min. So I better get to bed!


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