Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Calgon Take me Away!!

If it just isn't one thing it's another!! Well Tuesday night Gaven decided to fall/dive off the couch. Not to sure which. So he came crying saying his head hurt and I kissed him and was like you will be fine go play. Well usually this would be the case,But I noticed like 30-40 minutes later he was still crying. Well that just seemed odd. And he was sweating and passing out. So I got worried and decided to take him in to the E.R.
So I get him in the car (in the pouring rain) go back out in to get Courtney and the keys come back out and he has vomited everywhere. SO I had to change him. Then we had to drive over to my friends real quick so I could drop Courtney and he just threw up over and over . So we get there and clean him up my friend goes with me so she can hold him and we can stop and open the door to let him throw up. Well anyhow to shorten this up a bit he got a cat scan which was very eerie. He was so small up in the air on that thing and he was totally wrapped up in a white sheet and he was just as pale as the sheet. I had to sit in the room and watch through a window it was like something out of a movie. They determined he did not have any blood on the brain or any large amounts of swelling. The diagnosed it as a concussion. And said for him to stay home from school for a couple of days and no football for a week.
I think he must be doing lots better because he was right back to normal fighting with his sister and running around. Just being his normal hyper self. So I am so happy my baby is o.k. It's definitely times like that that keep you on your toes thats for sure!

Oh and below you can see the flowers my hubby sent me! It was soooo sweet! They are just beautiful, and made me feel very special!


Blogger Dawn said...

Man your kids are tough Throwing them off hte couch and all they get is a concussionLOL!

Glad the little snot monkey was okay!!


November 19, 2004 at 11:36 PM  

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