Sunday, November 21, 2004

What a load of Crap!!

Me and a friend were having a discussion tonight about credit and banking. I think the way our credit system is ran in this country is just ridiculous! Maybe I am just missing something but I would think any logically thinking person could see this system is definitely not in our best interest.
o.k so we bought a home a couple of years back. We got a loan from a very large reputable bank for thousands of dollars. So then my husband goes to get a loan for something he wants (which is a whole other argument) which is hardly anything. And they say no. I am very confused about this. Lets see you will give a loan for thousands but ummmm not for a sum less then 10 thousand? Doesn't quite make sense. S0 when asked the reason why it was because of lack of credit. WHAT?? We had good enough credit for a house but not for a small loan. Good grief. As well this is after not ever having a late payment on a vehicle we have been paying for for three years, and having never had a a late payment on our home. Not to mention the only thing negative on their is an old phone bill.
So we ask well whats the answer. you know what we get. " well sir maybe you should try building your credit up with a credit card." Now just why in the hell should I have to buy crap to get crap. I really just don't think thats how things should work. Why should we be penalized because we are able to be patient and save our money for the things we want. I am sorry but If I want a couch I will save to get one. If I want to go shopping at Old Navy I will wait till I have enough money to go. I would think these bankers would feel really crappy going to bed at night knowing they are forcing some middle class families and lower class families to feel as if they have no other choice but than to get credit cards. It's like they want you to stay down.
Oh and we were also discussing Checks. I have to pay for my checks at my bank. Why on earth do I have to do this. I'm not sure exactly who thought of that. But my hats off to the person who figured out how to make people spend money to spend money. Their a damn genius!!
What ever happened to actually providing a service for someone. You can't get that anymore. If theres a good way to make a buck off of you someones going to find it and do it.
Just like when I see my phone bill and notice I am being charged a fee to call 911 but thats a whole other issue!! I mean Wasn't credit a bad thing to start off with. I seem to remember learning it was shameful to have to have credit. But now the times have changed. Out with the days of working hard and saving and in with the days of over extending yourself and burying yourself in a hole. Where the only solution is get another credit card and transfer your balance! What a shame. But never fear I am going to fight the power. I might even end up the only woman since 1979 to never have gotten a credit card and go in the Geniuses world book of records!!


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